pH/ORP Controller PC-3110

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  • Water and acid proof
  • Small in size, saves up space
  • User friendly operation
  • Detailed information about current configuration and calibration record
  • IP 65 protection shell
  • Other models PC3110-P/ PC-3110-RS/ PC-3110-RS-P to choose from according to demand
  • Measurement mode: pH/ORP/Temp.C
  • Test range: -2.00~16.00 pH、±1999 mV、-30.0~130.0 °C
  • Accuracy: 0.01 pH ±1 digit、0.1% ±1 digit、0.2°C ±1 digit
  • Temperature compensation: fixed resistance/NTC temperature probe automatic compensation
  • Display: Large LCD display with function display
  • Calibration: Three-point calibration
  • Control method: Hi/Lo,Hi1/Hi2,Lo1/Lo2

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