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Our mission is to build a sustainable environment for future generations.

We have been providing high quality environmental services since 1996.

Tontine Environment Engineering Co., Ltd. is a multinational corporation of Taiwan Donjon Environmental Group. The parent company, Donjon Environmental Group was founded in 1983. Our parent company has completed more than 2,000 wastewater treatment projects and other environmental engineering projects in China, Taiwan, Vietnam, Philippines, Indonesia, Cambodia, Myanmar and other countries. In 1999, Donjon Environmental group officially passed the international ISO-9001 certification. From design, construction, installation, maintenance, and chemical sales, providing our customer one-stop service to pursuit of excellence quality; leading Donjon to winning many outstanding environment protection awards.

Inheriting the high-quality service of the parent company and the main principle of creating a sustainable environment, Tontine Environment Engineering has been established in Thailand for nearly 30 years and has completed more than 300 projects. We are specialized in various types of industrial wastewater treatment, water treatment, exhaust gas treatment and other environmental engineering projects. We are familiar with the local environmental protection regulations and law enforcement in Thailand to ensure that engineering quality and facility specifications meet local standards.

Number of Projects

Years of Experience in Thailand

In addition to our own techniques, Tontine Environment Engineering has also formed alliances with enterprises and institutes such as Taiwan Industrial Technology Research Institute, Dongguan Dongyuan Environmental Technology, Taiwan Ever-Clear Environmental Engineering. We integrate Thailand, China, and Taiwan’s technologies and use the highest cost-performance equipment to provide our customers with economical solutions and easy-to-operate design.

Giving back green mountains and clear water to our Earth is the most important mission of mankind. It is also the goal that our company has always pursued.

Cheng-Kuang, Wu | CEO

Nearly 30 years of engineering experience in Thailand

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Familiar with local environmental protection regulations and enforcement

Economical and easy-to-operate design

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