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Providing high quality one-stop environmental services since 1996. Our goal is to build a sustainable environment and a better future for our generations.

Product and Services

We offer wastewater treatment, water treatment, exhaust gas treatment engineering, all types of wastewater treatment equipment, wastewater treatment chemical, and environmental consulting.


Our experienced engineering team can give you professional on-site consultations and design systems that best suits your industry. Tontine Environment only offers you the best solutions.

Quality Assurance

Over 300 successful projects in China, Taiwan, Vietnam, Philippines, Indonesia, Cambodia, Myanmar and other countries. We achieved high level of customer satisfaction and will continuously provide quality services.

Treatment Design

We highlight our expertise in designing wastewater treatment systems and water treatment systems. A personalized system can minimize surcharges of sending untreated wastewater to other treatment plants. We can also design recycled water to save water cost. More importantly, the systems designed by our engineering team features easy operation, so businesses can grow to their fullest potential in production. By investing in wastewater treatment, businesses can improve public perception and make progression toward environmental sustainability.


Already invested in wastewater treatment systems and need optimization? We have all sorts of wastewater treatment equipment, spare parts, and chemicals ready for you along with installation and maintenance service from our skilled engineering team.

Clean water is essential for a good life.

We depend on water in everyday life. However, water scarcity has affected the whole ecosystem and people in every continent. In this situation, protecting water resources is a matter of urgency. We can be a part by investing in wastewater treatment infrastructure that can help the environment, increase operating efficiency, and enhance the quality of life.

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